ORSA (Office of Research and Statistics Activities) Ohio 2022

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In the dynamic landscape of economic activity, states in the United States continually strive to enhance their contributions to national growth and prosperity.

Ohio, a pivotal player in the nation’s economy, is a significant hub for Office of Research and Statistics Activities (ORSA) industries, contributing substantially to state and national economic indicators.

Through meticulous ORSA value-added, employment, and compensation metrics analysis, Ohio’s performance emerges as a focal point for understanding its economic trajectory within these crucial sectors.

Value Added by Select ORSA Activity

ActivityValue Added (thousands of dollars)State Rank
Climbing/hiking/tent camping182,1687
Snow activities94,40319
Recreational flying208,3973

Take Away

RVing shines as a top performer, making a big impact on Ohio’s economy.

Its strong value indicates a thriving industry supported by tourism, manufacturing, sales, and related services.

Beyond being a favorite pastime, RVing drives economic growth by drawing in travelers, supporting local businesses, and creating jobs across various sectors.

Different outdoor activities contribute differently to Ohio’s economy. While RVing leads the way, activities like recreational flying and boating/fishing also play significant roles.

This diversity highlights the varied impact of outdoor recreation on our economy.

Each activity serves a unique niche, appealing to different people and bringing their economic benefits.

More Statistics

  1. Value Added:
    • Ohio ranked 7th among all states in ORSA value added.
    • Since 2021, Ohio’s ORSA value added has grown by 15%, compared to 15.1% in the United States.
    • ORSA value added consists of an industry’s gross output minus its intermediate inputs; essentially, it represents an industry’s contribution to gross domestic product (GDP).
  2. Employment:
    • Ohio ranked 8th among all states in ORSA employment.
    • Since 2021, Ohio’s ORSA employment has grown by 5.8%, compared to 7.4% in the United States.
    • ORSA employment consists of all wage-and-salary jobs in which workers are engaged in the production of ORSA goods and services.
  3. Compensation:
    • Ohio ranked 10th among all states in ORSA compensation.
    • Since 2021, ORSA compensation has grown 7.8% in Ohio, compared to 9.1% in the United States.
    • ORSA compensation consists of the total remuneration payable to employees in return for their ORSA work during a given year, including wages, salaries, and benefits.

Additionally, the average compensation per wage-and-salary job in Ohio’s ORSA industries was $46,951 in 2022, compared to $75,527 for all salaried jobs in the state.

Source: https://apps.bea.gov/data/special-topics/orsa/summary-sheets/ORSA%20-%20Ohio.pdf

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