Hunting and Fishing Licenses Sold in Ohio in 2023

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By Mike

Ohio’s outdoors beckons adventurers and sports enthusiasts, offering a rich tapestry of forests, rivers, and wildlife that is hard to find anywhere else.

At the heart of this natural wonderland is a community of dedicated hunters, each with their own story, skill set, and passion for the hunt.

So, have you ever wondered how many individuals make up this vibrant community of hunters in Ohio?

The number might surprise you.

In 2023, Ohio boasted 360,421 paid hunting license holders.

The state saw the sale of 648,433 items, including Resident Hunting Licenses, Tags, Permits, and Stamps, leading to a total revenue of $25,990,222 from all hunting license sales.

Out of these, non-resident licenses made up 97,436.

The revenue from residents for their hunting licenses and associated items reached $15,306,225, while non-residents contributed $10,684,108 to the total.

Thousands flock to the Buckeye State’s expansive wilderness areas each year, armed with hunting licenses and a deep respect for nature.

Hunting isn’t just a hobby; for many, it’s a way of life that teaches patience, precision, and sustainability.

Hunting in Ohio isn’t merely about pursuing a game; it’s vital to wildlife management and conservation efforts.

License fees contribute to habitat restoration, research, and educational programs that help ensure the health and diversity of species.

If you want to find out more about Hunting Licenses sold in the US, check out the data provided by the U.S. Fish&Wildlife Service (link).

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