Ashland County Park District Announces Major Expansion at Avian Acres Farm Park

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By Mike

The Ashland County Park District has recently revealed an exciting expansion of Avian Acres Farm Park, enhancing the park by over 45 acres.

This expansion was made possible by funding from the Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation program and a substantial local donation.

The expansion in Perry Township enriches the park’s connection to the Jerome Fork of the Mohican River.

The new land includes significant environmental features such as over 100 linear feet of headwater stream protection and the addition of Freshwater Forested/Shrub Wetlands and two Freshwater Emergent Wetlands.

The district is keen on protecting diverse wildlife, and the expanded area now supports habitats for several endangered and threatened species, including Monarch Butterflies, Little Brown Bats, Northern Harriers, Sandhill Cranes, and the recently de-listed Trumpeter Swans.

Looking forward, the park district has ambitious plans to upgrade visitors’ facilities. “Future enhancements include improving guest access and parking, along with expanding the existing trail network. We are also focused on initiatives to restore and enrich the natural wetlands and promote pollinator and habitat diversity,” the park district shared.

Avian Acres Farm Park opened to the public in 2022 and currently encompasses over 349 acres.

It features attractions like the Historic Taylor Barn, extensive wetlands, natural surface trails, a fishing pond, and a Regenerative Agriculture project that began in 2023.

In 2023, the park was a prominent feature of the Ashland County Farm Tour. It hosted the successful ‘A Day in the Uplands: Managing Private Lands for Pollinators and Wildlife’ workshop by Pheasants Forever.

Continuing this partnership, Pheasants Forever is scheduled to host a follow-up event, “The Sequel,” on July 27th this year at the park.


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