Alum Creek Reservoir: A Highlight of Ohio’s Fishing Landscape

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Nestled in the heart of central Ohio lies a fishing oasis that beckons enthusiasts and novices alike: Alum Creek Reservoir.

This destination is a treasure trove of aquatic life, offering a serene yet thrilling backdrop for those eager to cast their lines into its abundant waters.

Alum Creek provides an ideal setting for all, whether you’re after the formidable muskie or introducing a young one to the joys of catching their first bluegill.

Bass Fishing

The reservoir is particularly celebrated for its bass population. Envision navigating the waters around Big Run Bay, your depth finder leading you to hidden underwater realms where largemouth bass prevail.

Employing plastic worms in the stealthy shades of night—black and pumpkinseed—you’ll enter the hunt for these elusive creatures.

The adventure continues beyond the open water, with largemouth bass exploring the creeks and hiding within secluded spots, especially near the State Route 36 bridge.

The quest for smallmouth bass offers its allure. Near the dam, you’re set for an engaging battle with the right bait—perhaps Culprit Tassel Tail grubs in the eye-catching Wally World color or a classic tube bait.

Casting into the depths and slowly retrieving the line, you’ll entice these fish from their rocky sanctuaries, creating a memorable dance back to your boat.

Alum Creek’s appeal extends beyond bass. The reservoir is a haven for various fish, presenting unique angler opportunities.

For additional information, call the Alum Creek State Park office at (740)548-4631. To make campground or cabin reservations, call 1-866-644-6727. Campground and cabin reservations are required.


The swift action of white bass fishing, particularly above Howard Road, offers rapid-paced excitement. Nighttime unveils the chance to snag saugeyes up to 18 inches long through strategic placements along the dam or through vertical jigging by day.

Crappie Fishing

For those keen on crappie fishing, the challenge lies in unlocking the mysteries of their hiding places along the east bank and into Big Run Cove.


Meanwhile, channel catfish add an element of intrigue, especially as they venture into shallower waters by night in places like Big Run Cove.


Yet, the muskies often steal the show at Alum Creek, challenging even the most seasoned anglers with their strength. Targeting these giants, especially in the lower basin, promises a duel of might and strategy, with the potential reward of a catch exceeding 30 inches.


Although bluegills are less common, you can still easily spot them near shallow plant life using a simple setup of a bobber and worm.

Before you go..

Alum Creek Reservoir isn’t merely a fishing spot; it’s a call to adventure, offering stories and memories with every visit.

It represents a chapter in the larger narrative of Ohio’s rich outdoor life, inviting anglers to partake in its bounty.

So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor seeking the tranquility and thrill of fishing, Alum Creek awaits, ready to be the backdrop for your next great fishing tale.

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