2024 Ohio Youth Hunters Score Big with Over 1,700 Turkey Harvests on Opening Weekend

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Over the weekend of April 13 and April 14, young hunters across Ohio took to the woods to hunt turkeys, a pastime that combines tradition with conservation.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the turnout was impressive as these youth hunters checked more than 1,700 wild turkeys. This number reflects both the enthusiasm and skill of young hunters and the robustness of Ohio’s turkey population.

The total harvest was slightly lower than the previous year’s figures, but it remained above the three-year average, indicating consistent interest in and successful management of the state’s turkey population.

Key Takeaways

  • Ohio youth hunters harvested over 1,785 turkeys on the April 14th and 14th weekend hunt.
  • The 2024 event saw a slight decrease from the previous year’s numbers (1,823) yet exceeded the three-year average (1,466).
  • The youth hunt underlines Ohio’s commitment to conservation education and promoting sustainable hunting practices.

Ohio Youth Turkey Hunt 2024

In mid-April, Ohio witnessed a significant turnout for the Youth Turkey Hunt, with hunters checking in over 1,700 birds across the weekend of April 13th and 14th.

The youth-only hunting weekend, open to those under 18, is an educational experience and a way to encourage the next generation of hunters.

Each year, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources issues youth turkey permits, which this year amounted to 6,539 permits.

The annual youth hunt is a precursor to the regular season in a state with a storied history of wildlife management and outdoor heritage.

Event Overview

This annual youth hunt precedes the regular turkey hunting season, offering a chance for individuals under 18 to participate in a regulated hunting activity facilitated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The top 10 counties for the 2024 youth turkey hunt:

  • Tuscarawas (62)
  • Noble (60)
  • Washington (59)
  • Monroe (58)
  • Jefferson (55)
  • Belmont (53)
  • Gallia (52)
  • Muskingum (52)
  • Coshocton (47)
  • Meigs (45)

Turkey Harvest Data

2024 Ohio Youth Turkey Hunt Results:

YearYouth Harvested Turkeys

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